Acne Solutions

Our skincare experts can help you curate a skin routine and facials customized to your personal skin goals and skin needs. It’s time to add the missing steps to your skin routine.

get Clear Consultation

This is a 30-minute conversation that will set the course for clear skin finally! During your consultation, our certified Acne specialist will teach you how our acne solutions are different and map out a take-home plan specifically for you. Rest assured, it will take 3-4 months to clear with a 90% success rate! *Must be accompanied by an adult if under 18.  $55.00

Acne Enzyme Deep Cleanse

Appropriate for all Acne skin types. You will learn about your specific acne type and how to clear the condition with time. Steamed enzyme deep cleansing prepares the pores for thorough extractions, followed by cool and comforting gua sha stone drainage massage. An appropriate mask then soothes and aids comfort and healing for all types of acne conditions. $110.00

Acne Solution Maintenance Peel

Once an Acne Solution path has been established with your specialist, this maintenance treatment is necessary for the gradually clearing of yours. At this time your esthetician will make any adjustment with home care to ensure you are on the correct path to clearing acne conditions. At these bi-weekly visits for 3 to 4 months, you will enjoy a deep cleanse, peel, and extraction which speeds the clearing process. 30min. $65.00

Hydrodermabrasion COMING SOON!

  • Benefits sensitive skin that cannot undergo other forms of microdermabrasion
  • Hydrodermabrasion hydrates and plumps the skin with nourishing serums
  • Cleans and removes dead skin cells
  • Decreases visibility of scarring and dark shadows
  • Leaves skin smooth and glowing

My Teen Facial

Healthy skincare habits start here! Your teen will leave knowing why and how to care for their skin. gentle cleansing, extraction if needed, and appropriate masking is chosen based upon each individual’s specific skin concerns. Tips, tricks, and lifestyle suggestions are part of this fun and fundamental facial for teens from ages 10-15 *45 min. $90.00

“Courtney made my first facial experience amazing. I felt like she really listened to my skin concerns and helped to create a new routine to fit my needs. She walked me through the process and products as she used them and explained why she chose them. I felt rejuvenated leaving with a plan to help my skin. She has great music selections to relax to while she massages and works your face and upper body to relax both outside and in. Scheduling was simple and easy. She was recommended by many loyal fans and I am happy to say I have joined those ranks!”

Jo K.