The Triple Threat Treatment Option 

3 treatments for $1,860 (2.5 – 3 hrs) *(Add neck and decollate for an additional $1000) or (add neck for $800)*

What does ‘The Triple Threat’ address?

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Acne

– Aging skin/ Photo Aging

– Rough texture or uneven skin

– Rosacea and Melasma

– Reduces pigment spots

– Creepy skin

– Product penetration

What makes this combo such a game-changer?

Because each treatment accelerates, supports, and helps the effectiveness of the next treatment. “The sum of the parts is stronger than the individual treatment.”  To explain: Bio-Repeel exfoliates and resurfaces the skin giving way to a brighter, clearer, “less age damaged” and/ or more balanced skin surface. This means that Jet Plasma or Microneedling can penetrate deeper to successfully amp up collagen remodeling and repair. It also means all products can penetrate deeper with both.  This is very important because although skin is great at keeping the elements out, we sometimes want and need ingredients to reach cells for cellular renewal. These previous treatments open up the channels for deep penetration and benefits of the Italian powerhouse Sera Mesotherapy. To finish, Experience deeply relaxing & healing red LED, which reduces inflammation and encourages collagen and elastin production, and increases ATP (cellular energy). The results are brighter, tighter, more even-toned, and rejuvenated skin that continues to improve for the next 8-12 weeks (remember, collagen renewal takes time to reach the surface). Treatments are cumulative.

Jet Plasma + BioRePeelCI3 Blue + Sera Mesotherapy

Combination Therapy is where it’s at! Standard protocol no longer is acceptable. If you think you’re ready to elevate your routine then advance your level of expectations. If you know, you know, you already are loving the Jet Plasma and seeing just what BioRePeelCI3 can change take it another step further by adding the Sera Mesotherapy sessions. Cocktails of 50+ ingredients of pure gold to nourish, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

For anyone with high-level platinum expectations for their skin, The Triple Threat may be calling your name.

What is the “Triple Threat Treatment”?

The triple threat treatment is a 4-step skin rejuvenation treatment that includes:

– Microneedling OR Jet Plasma,

– Bio-RePeel,

– SERA Mesotherapy

– Red LED therapy

Dermatude Meta Therapy treatment including nitrile blue gloves and a woman with grey hair

Why this combination?

Jet Plasma is the state-of-the-art, pain-free, no downtime cold plasma technology for collagen remodeling, skin brightening and tightening, acne clearing and skin remodeling. It can be used in place of hot plasma fibroblast plasma therapy without pain, high cost, or downtime.

Microneedling is advanced collagen renewal. It also helps penetrate SERA solution and Bio RePeel.


SERA mesotherapy is widely considered an alternative to products like Botox and filler. It is a concoction of extremely concentrated vitamins and peptides that help rejuvenate the skin. Mesotherapy is one of the most popular NATURAL skin rejuvenation procedures done in Europe.


BioRePeel Cl3 Blue and Gold Peels are European technology that produces immediate results for ALL skin types and issues. Stimulates Collagen, Elastin, and fibroblast activity and cellular turnover. These advanced peels change skin without actual sheet peeling, so there is no trauma, pain, or downtime. Although this peel is 35% TCA peel, the technology does not make skin photosensitive- It may be used year-round.

Common Questions: 

Is The Triple Threat for the Face only?

No, It can be performed for the neck, declotte, underarms, hands, or other body parts. Can do two zones per treatment day.

Suggested Treatments: Jet Plasma: 5- 8 Treatments, As often as 72 hours to 1 week apart. After 8 treatments, an 8-week break on the area was suggested before considering another series. Microneedling 3-6 treatments 3 or 4 weeks apart. BioRePeel 4-6 peels. SERA and LED: Unlimited.


Does it hurt?

BioRepeel can tingle and feel a bit ‘spicy’-  but not really hurt.

With Jet Plasma – There is some heat but no pain.

We do use numbing cream for microneedling. Most clients tolerate it fine. But it can be a bit prickly for some.


Is there Downtime?

No one will know- Unless you tell them- You can go about your day. Your skin might feel a bit dry and flaky for a few days/ a few people look slightly red- but it’s pretty unnoticeable. Post Treatment Protocol: No makeup, swimming, heat, exercise, or showering for the next 12 hours.


When will I see the results?

You may look brighter and more hydrated that day. All of these treatments are cumulative, and after 2-5 treatments- your results will begin to be noticeable and continue to improve.


Is it suitable for anyone?

No, It is not suitable for everyone. Those who should not do a Triple Threat Treatment?

– Those with a pacemaker

– Are pregnant or breastfeeding

– Have Epilepsy

– Are getting laser or electrolysis on specific areas to be treated

– No Accutane ( 3 months) or retinols (7 days prior) in the area to be treated.

– Have active skin cancer or open wounds in the area to be treated.

“A beautiful, clean, and welcoming environment. Pelle Sana Skin Spa is a little slice of heaven! On two different days, I received the Dermaplane treatment which left my skin super smooth and blemish-free. No pain and no downtime whatsoever. For my second treatment, I signed up for the Customized Facial with gua sha / hot and cold stones. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have had to date. It delights all of the senses. Great aromas, perfect temperature of the table, beautifully clean and safe setting, and the results were beyond expectations. I am planning on coming on a monthly basis!”