Extras & Add-ons

Feeling beautiful inside and out is attainable. Our add-ons can help improve, rejuvenate and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

It’s time to get that glow back!

Marine Firm Mask

This mask features a cocktail of blue-green algae, organic spinach leaf, and spirulina that firms and smooths skin with a potent powerhouse of antioxidants. Cells are fully engaged in repair, able to fight against free radical damage. Tyrosine slows the aging process while vitamin K brightens and clears the complexion. Organic aloe vera is known as the “plant of immortality”, it soothes, heals, deeply hydrates firms, and fortifies so skin is restored to perfection. *Add-on Only. Earned Points: 5 $25.00

LIGHTWAVE LED Skin Therapy Add-on

Enhance any facial with deep cell rejuvenation and take it to the next level. Great for quicker and longer-lasting treatment results and killing acne causing P. Bacteria. It also increases serotonin and dopamine while restoring cells and the energy they produce within all layers of the skin. 30 min. add-on to any facial. $35.00


High-frequency current firms, tones and detoxifies by causing an immediate circulation rush to the skin and subtle tissue warming. This sparks a very safe and natural contraction of the underlying blood vessels and tiny muscle groups. The dilation of the underlying vessels pushes away toxins, while the cells enjoy a feast of increased nutrients and hydrating volume. Perfect for all skin types except Acne Rosacea. 15 min. add-on to any facial. $15.00

Mineral Makeup and Brow Touch-Up

This add-on service is a beautiful finishing touch to every facial. Natural and organic jane iredale flawless mineral coverage with SPF is applied, along with a professional personalized temporary eyebrow shaping. Bronzing/facial contouring and a lip treatment tint of choice are applied. Hair is refreshed with a chemical-free dry shampoo to remove oils from the face and complete your look for the day! $25.00

Gua Sha Lift and Detox

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese method of detoxifying impurities from muscles and skin, with the use of exotic stones and reflexology tools. The technique can promote lymphatic drainage, which can reduce facial puffiness and help remove excess fluid and toxins from your system. With regular practice, it has been shown that face reflexology and drainage even serve as an alternative to injectables because of their ability to smooth and ease the tension that may cause fine lines or wrinkles. *Add-On only $30.00

Back Treatment

Wrap yourself in luxury as a warming cleanse and exfoliation prepares the tough and neglected skin you can’t quite pamper on your own for a soothing mix of nutrient-rich hot stone therapy, manual light massage, and masking. *Add-On only $55.00

“A beautiful, clean, and welcoming environment. Pelle Sana Skin Spa is a little slice of heaven! On two different days, I received the Dermaplane treatment which left my skin super smooth and blemish-free. No pain and no downtime whatsoever. For my second treatment, I signed up for the Customized Facial with gua sha / hot and cold stones. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have had to date. It delights all of the senses. Great aromas, perfect temperature of the table, beautifully clean and safe setting, and the results were beyond expectations. I am planning on coming on a monthly basis!”